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Picture of lookoff to Atlantic Ocean in Nova Scotia

We Are
Travelling Sails

Picture of team members of Travelling Sails at Millwood High School in Middle Sackville, Nova Scotia

Who We Are

Travelling Sails was originally founded by 18 highschool students from Nova Scotia in October, 2019 as part of the Junior Achievement Company Program. After just the three months of Company Program, Travelling Sails and the signature travel guide, 52 Nova Scotian Adventures turned out to be a massive success. When the program came to a close in March, 2020, five students decided to relaunch Travelling Sails in order to continue promoting tourism within their home province


Shortly after the relaunch of Travelling Sails, the COVID-19 pandemic hit Nova Scotia and caused several new closures and safety measures. The pandemic has caused devistating effects to people across Canada and around the world. Our team started noticing several local businesses and tourist attractions struggling to keep their doors open, and some even being forced to close permanently. From seeing this, the five team members knew they had to use their platform and resources to help encourage Nova Scotians to continue exploring the province, while still adhering to public health guidelines. Production of the popular 52 Nova Scotian Adventures travel guide was drastically increased alongside several new social media campaigns in order to make this vision a reality.

Picture of downtown Halifax, Nova Scotia; taken from Halifax Harbour

Our Team

Picture of Morgan Belanger, CEO of Travelling Sails
Morgan Belanger
Picture of Logan MacDonald, CTO of Travelling Sails
Logan MacDonald
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