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Nova Scotian Cafe Owner Puts Community First

A Nova Scotian resident has opened the doors of his new café near Peggy's Cove, and speaks about the importance of local business.

Cafe owner, Lorne Caborn in an interview with Ivan Fraser

Just 16 kilometers north of the beloved Peggy's Cove, the small town of Seabright, N.S. is attracting some new visitors thanks to a new café owner setting up shop on Peggy's Cove Road.

Lorne Caborn is getting his first taste of small business after opening the popular Crab Apple Cookery & Cafe. With years' experience in the restaurant and food service industry, Caborn is now sharing his passion for local creations and unforgettable memories.

Being situated so close to the famous tourist destination, the new café is sure to attract some friendly faces visiting Peggy's Cove. Though famous for its lighthouse, the maritime tourist destination is home to so much more. Peggy's Cove formed its roots as a small fishing village in the district of St. Margaret's Bay, Nova Scotia. The small town has become a major tourist attraction in recent decades as the fishing sector begins to shrink. The origin of the village's name remains unknown to most, however, small restaurants, and gift shops have surely made a name for the beloved Nova Scotian Town.

St. Margaret's Bay is home to many small restaurants and cafes, however the new Crab Apple Cookery is standing out amongst the rest. Emphasizing the importance of a comfortable and friendly experience for guests, as well as showing support for local businesses, the small café owner is proving to have a positive future ahead of him.

This morning, April 23rd, a couple members of the Travelling Sails team drove out to Seabright to see what the new cozy local café is all about. We were immediately greeted by the friendly faces of Lorne and Rachelle, and the impressive historical interior.

As Lorne loves to promote local products made by artisans all over the Maritimes, the shop has an entire section dedicated to showing off local products made by other Nova Scotians. To go along with the rest of his collection, we gave Lorne a few copies of the 52 Nova Scotian Adventures guide to give out to any visitors of the shop. If you're in the area, we encourage you to check out the local products featured there while stopping in for a treat!

The 52 Nova Scotian Adventures travel guide, newly featured in The Crab Apple Cookery & Cafe

The café is currently open Monday to Friday from 6am until 10am, and features a new daily special each day, indicated on their Facebook story. We encourage both local Nova Scotians as well as travellers from abroad to experience this new taste of Nova Scotia and shop many local crafts and souvenirs.

The Crab Apple Cookery & Café can be visited in person at 11377 Peggy's Cove Road, or online through their Facebook page.

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